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YouTube Bodybuilding Channels: Who’s the King?

by Matt Weik If you’re into the sport of bodybuilding, you are probably subscribed to quite a few YouTube bodybuilding channels. With the vast range of topics covered on each channel, is there really ONE that can be called the king? Times Are Changing: YouTube Bodybuilding Channels Are Growing Depending on your age (I’m clearly […]

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Brandon Curry, William Bonac – 2022 Arnold Classic

by Christian Duque The 2022 Arnold Classic is already shaping up to be one of the most epic bodybuilding contests of all time. After what I saw at the 2021 Mr. Olympia, it seems that Big Ramy will rule the sport indefinitely. When Brandon Curry hit the stage, bringing 20lbs of added muscle, ripped to […]

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Will the Bodybuilding Industry Change with the Recent Deaths?

by Matt Weik The last couple of years have been rough for the bodybuilding industry. We lost some amazing individuals who helped shape the industry and make it a better place. People who brought intelligence, compassion, energy, motivation, and joy to the bodybuilding industry. While we will all die at some point (sorry for being […]

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Give A Coach A Chance!

by Christian Duque Coaches in the fitness industry get burned all the time. Competitors need to think about themselves, first, and that’s something I’ve long advocated; however, with certain caveats. I believe that competitors, particularly new ones, don’t really do their homework when it comes time to hire that very important person who either does […]

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Why Are the Masters Pro’s Ignored?

by Christian Duque Most outlets don’t care about Masters Pro’s. That’s not an opinion, it’s very much a fact. For about three years, I covered a huge number of bodybuilding contests, and of that number, a significant amount included Masters competitions. I was very fortunate to have worked closely with one of the most respected […]