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Brandon Curry, William Bonac – 2022 Arnold Classic

by Christian Duque The 2022 Arnold Classic is already shaping up to be one of the most epic bodybuilding contests of all time. After what I saw at the 2021 Mr. Olympia, it seems that Big Ramy will rule the sport indefinitely. When Brandon Curry hit the stage, bringing 20lbs of added muscle, ripped to […]

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Give A Coach A Chance!

by Christian Duque Coaches in the fitness industry get burned all the time. Competitors need to think about themselves, first, and that’s something I’ve long advocated; however, with certain caveats. I believe that competitors, particularly new ones, don’t really do their homework when it comes time to hire that very important person who either does […]

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Why Are the Masters Pro’s Ignored?

by Christian Duque Most outlets don’t care about Masters Pro’s. That’s not an opinion, it’s very much a fact. For about three years, I covered a huge number of bodybuilding contests, and of that number, a significant amount included Masters competitions. I was very fortunate to have worked closely with one of the most respected […]