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How Accurate Are Fitness Trackers & Should You Use Them?

by Matt Weik Fitness trackers have become quite popular lately as more and more people are checking their statistics thanks to the introduction of innovative technology. Unfortunately, even with today’s technology helping to improve health and fitness levels, most people are still not physically active throughout the day. In fact, according to the US Department […]

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6 Reasons You Should Consider Using Bone Broth

by Matt Weik Bone broth is recently gaining a lot of popularity among health-conscious individuals. This liquid gold has enormous health benefits, making it a perfect dietary supplement for many people looking to take their health and nutrition to new heights. Let’s take a closer look at what exactly bone broth is, see what makes […]

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YouTube Bodybuilding Channels: Who’s the King?

by Matt Weik If you’re into the sport of bodybuilding, you are probably subscribed to quite a few YouTube bodybuilding channels. With the vast range of topics covered on each channel, is there really ONE that can be called the king? Times Are Changing: YouTube Bodybuilding Channels Are Growing Depending on your age (I’m clearly […]

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Will the Bodybuilding Industry Change with the Recent Deaths?

by Matt Weik The last couple of years have been rough for the bodybuilding industry. We lost some amazing individuals who helped shape the industry and make it a better place. People who brought intelligence, compassion, energy, motivation, and joy to the bodybuilding industry. While we will all die at some point (sorry for being […]

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6 Incredible Benefits of CBD for Athletes

by Matt Weik CBD or Cannabidiol is a cannabis compound that has been found to have several healing benefits, only without giving you the “high” feeling that many associate with cannabis. From relieving you of things like aches and pains to helping reduce inflammation, there are many incredible benefits of CBD for athletes. Some athletes, […]

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Various Types of Tea and Their Amazing Health Benefits

by Matt Weik After water, tea is one of the most widely consumed beverages worldwide. It is something many drinks on various occasions, both hot and cold. With various types of tea out there, some consume a cup of their favorite tea to achieve the health benefits associated with the various types of tea they […]


9 Reasons Why You May Fail on Your New Year’s Resolution

by Matt Weik Other than getting together with friends and family on January 1 of each year, what else comes to mind? Probably New Year’s resolutions, right? Maybe you’re sitting around the dinner table on New Year’s Day and talking about what you want to accomplish this year, and everyone brings up one or two […]