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Nick Trigili Slams Nick’s Strength & Power

by Christian Duque IFBB Pro, Mr. USA Nick “3D” Trigili is on the rise. His channel is blowing up, his tips are second to none, and his view counts are going through the roof. Comments are up, likes are up, and just around 50% of his views are coming from subscribed viewers. This means he […]

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Nick Walker Blocked Me?!?!

by Christian Duque Yes, unfortunately the great Nick Walker dubbed “The Mutant” for carrying darn near 300lbs of muscle, has blocked your ole buddy Christian Duque, for being an objective journalist. In all my years covering bodybuilding, I could count the top pro’s that have blocked me on one hand. There’s Phil Heath, and there’s […]

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What Types of Massages Should You Be Getting?

by Matt Weik Want to stay fit? Go to the gym! It’s a no-brainer and something we have all heard, right? But after a painful and tiring workout, is there anything else you can do to help your body recover other than the usual post-workout shake and supplements? Yup. You can look at all the […]

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How Accurate Are Fitness Trackers & Should You Use Them?

by Matt Weik Fitness trackers have become quite popular lately as more and more people are checking their statistics thanks to the introduction of innovative technology. Unfortunately, even with today’s technology helping to improve health and fitness levels, most people are still not physically active throughout the day. In fact, according to the US Department […]

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